5.6.11 GIF animation

Dunno if other versions are affected, but this is one I just discovered: I grabbed a few maps and one was animated. As soon as I minimize WW the map stops. I’m guessing this is intended for the animated weather graphics in the UI so they don’t take CPU when they’re not visible?

It’d be nice to keep the visible map windows animating if there’s a way to. :icon_smile:

On an unrelated note, when I mouse over the tray icon with WW’s main window open, as soon as the tray popup window displays, all the rest of the WW windows pop to the front as well. :cool:

Oh, great – turns out the animation stopping doesn’t happen all the time. 8-[

There are 3 different ways to animate a gif image; within the gif itself, using Javascript, and using Java. The 1st one being self contained should remain animated regardless of WW. The 2nd one requires html code execution which in WW’s case is IE. The 3rd requires Java which could be independent of the html code once invoked. So yes you may see the animation as being inconsistent.

I realize that. You know I wasn’t complaining about WW, right? I was mainly voicing discouragement at the complexity of tracking down an inconsistent behavior. I also wanted to be sure and post the additional observation before Mike tried to figure it out and wasn’t able to duplicate the problem… :razz:

Posting links to the maps you’re viewing this behavior with would help. :icon_smile: Position the mouse on the map, RIGHT click then click on Properties will show you it’s URL.

It. is. a. GIF. animation.

http://www.intellicast.com/WeatherImg/R … e_anim.gif

Play nice, kids :cool:

I tried the map above, but I was not able to duplicate this problem. I am using Windows XP SP2 and IE 6.0.2900.2180.xpsp_sp2…

I am guessing this problem is OS-related, IE-related, or being caused by the way your specific system is setup. It probably has more to do with IE since the Weather Watcher Map Viewer uses an IE control to display the maps.

If the Weather Watcher windows are not minimized, then they are probably being activated since you’re activating the skinned tooltip window (which is actually a window) by mousing over it. That doesn’t happen to me on Windows XP SP2. I am assuming this is due to an OS behavior.

I use that map also and it’s animated for me whether the WW window is open or not. In fact I just opened it using the Tray Icon’s Map History menu. I’m running XP Home SP2, isn’t that what are you running?

The animated map shown here though is not animated when viewed by WW.


I just tried this and it doesn’t happen on my system.

:-k :scratch:

Sorry, guys, I guess I sounded the alarm prematurely. I’m running XP Pro SP2 & IE6 (6.0.2900.2180.xpsp2_gdr.050301-1519 – whatta convoluted version#, huh?) and I could reproduce it yesterday until I quit WW and restarted it. Today I can’t even get it to pause the animation at all. Must be those cosmic rays again. :iconbiggrin:

I’ll beat on it some over the weekend and see if I can figure out what circumstances it takes to do that. Thanks for checking, though!