3 small issues.


I just installed WWL6.05 but the bulb temperature (on the LEFT side of the main window) is still not correctly rounded.
As you can see in the screen dump (if I can get it uploaded) the temperature (in C) now is 3.9 but the bulb says 3.

And there is a small install issue. When I first time started the program after installing, I got data from a German station while my active station is Amsterdam. It was easily corrected by selecting Amsterdam again.

And maybe another small point. When the program is started the temperature in the tray icon is displayed in italics. But I have configured the program that it retrieves data as soon as it’s started (I have (TV)cable connection to the internet). So the temperature should then be displayed normal.




I recently posted another Weather Watcher Live build to resolve a conversion issue in the temperature bulb. Please give it a try and see if it also resolves that problem for you.


If your selected weather station is down, Weather Watcher Live will automatically switch to the next available station. It appears everything is okay now, so there’s nothing I can really look into at this point.

I was not able to reproduce this problem. Is it possible that Weather Watcher Live attempted to retrieve the weather before your Internet connection was established? A good way to verify that would be to mouse over the Weather Watcher Live system tray icon to see when the weather was last downloaded.