100% Processor Usage


I am using Weather Watcher 5.4c, and have noticed that it is taking my processor useage to 100%!

My laptop is having meltdown about it!

If I right click on the taskbar icon, the processor useage drops right off again, but as soon as I select anything, or exit the context menu, the useage pops right back up to 100% again.

Help? Thanks! Otherwise, fantastic program…any chance of incorporating a Pollen Index in there too?

Steve Clarkson
www.aquabase.co.uk - Aquaria and Pond Management Software

Do you have a firewall? Make sure it is giving Internet access to “C:\Program Files\Weather Watcher\DL.EXE”. It seems like your firewall is currently blocking Internet access.

Not sure about that, as the forcasts etc are being downloaded without problems.

It is going through a firewall, but as I say, it is downloading no problems.

It doesn’t seem to be doing it on my desktop, I will try uninstalling/reinstalling it on the lappy tommorow.

Steve Clarkson
www.aquabase.co.uk - Aquaria and Pond Management Software

I am also having this problem. The program usually uses 90-100% of the CPU, and it doesn’t change when I open the main window.

The only thing which is annoying me about this otherwise fantastic program!

I am using Outpost Firewall 2.0, but have allowed full access to ww.exe and DL.exe.

Anyone have a solution for this?

Weird, I just restarted it and it was fine.

MarkB Said: I am using Outpost Firewall 2.0, but have allowed full access to ww.exe and DL.exe.

Why in Gods name would you use a crapy firewall like that. I bet you flunk the Sheilds-Up test at http://www.grc.com/x/ne.dll?rh1dkyd2
Try the All Service Ports Option. If you dont get True Stealth status, you need to go get ZoneAlarm Plus at http://download.com

Actually, no. I aced the test, all greens. ZoneAlarm is mostly used by “n00bs” and idiots who need everything explained to them.

Outpost 2 is the best firewall I have ever used, including ZoneAlarm, Tiny Personal Firewall, and quite a few other well known ones.

So thanks, but make sure you know who you’re talking about before judging.

Don’t get me wrong, I have everything set silent. The good thing is you have a firewall. Most are oblivious to the need for one. Have you taken the leak test at GRC? http://www.grc.com/lt/leaktest.htm
Another Question is: How much did you pay for Outpost? I know there is a free ver. but it doesn’t offer all the features that the free version of ZA. Not trying to fight with you just curious. The good part is, you have one. I wish everyone did, just like I wish windows had an anti virus built in. Antitrust, antitrust… Who cares. If I pay $130 for XP pro it should have everything integrated… But still let those whinny Bas@!#$s decide weather to use it or another brand.

Outpost is a pretty good firewall, I’ve never had any trouble with it. Tried the leak test, no problem there either. The free version is decent, but the full version has more features, and does a better job. And best of all, it was free! [8D]

I totally agree with you about Micro$hit though. Hopefuly SP2 will help in some ways.