10-day forecast - display options


I like having the 10-day forecast which is the only mode I use.

I find the amount of info on the 10-day forecast daunting, cluttered, much more than I want. I must hunt for the little bit of information that I use.

Here’s how I use it. Admittedly, I live in California, where weather conditions are pretty mild and temperate in comparison with most of the rest of the US. There’s no snow, sub-zero temperatures, or extreme humidity to deal with.

I like seeing the weather icons, but I’m not crazy about seeing two icons for each day. In fact I’d like one line summarizing each day, rather than seeing morning/afternoon weather conditions.

During the summer I am mostly only interested in how hot it’s going to be, whether or not it’s going to rain, and spot cooling trends.

In winter, I am interested in how cold it might get, and view cooling or warming trends.

In the 10-day forecast when I look down the temperature column, I have to mentally exclude some of the temperatures to view the weather patterns I am looking for.

Therefore, I’d much rather see the High/Low temps side by side.

I like the format used on Weather.com for the 10-day forecast. Weather.com’s format is much easier to read. It’s more intuitive. Here’s an example URL (this website address should all be on one line):

http://www.weather.com/weather/local/95 … Undeclared

I LOVE how they display a five day or weekly forecast on TV: five to seven days going across the screen (instead of down), displaying weather icons, and highs and lows very clearly, in big bold type. It’s easy to spot trends without scrutinizing or excluding a lot of numbers. It’s very user friendly for the busy, probably distracted millions of viewers.

WeatherWatcher is packed with information in a compact, but I almost never read the humidity, wind and sunrise/sunset columns, and only rarely consult the precipitation column. I wish it were LESS compact, with less information. BIGGER weather icons. Big font for the high/low temperatures.

If users could select or deselect columns to view, some users might customize their view to display the information they are most interested in for skiing, or the best information for sailing, etc.

Perhaps the following display options could be added:

#1 - Display high/low temps. side by side.

#2 - Select Simple 10-Day Forecast (a one-line summary for each day of the 10-day forecast, with BIG icons and a big font for high/low temperatures), or Morning/Evening 10-Day Forecast (the current two-line forecast for each day).

#3 - Select or deselect columns to view in the daily forecast.

That way those who want plenty of information can display all of it, and those wanting a simpler, easier to read forecast can have that, too.

#4 - Or, you could widen the first column and put the high/low temps. side by side with a slash, and keep the rest of the columns the same.

Myself, I’d prefer options 1, 2 and 3. But #4 would work as an interim measure.

Also, I am interested in the UV Index and a quick help item on what it means, and it’s used, also available on Weather.com.

Thanks again for a great free product. Thanks for listening to feedback.